Government Innovation Agency

Special Track

No advanced society can thrive in the knowledge-based global economy of the twenty-first century unless there is a continuing investment in the innovation ecosystems that draw and retain ambitious entrepreneurs. At the World Incubation Summit 2018, UBI Global with partners invites a select group of Government Innovation Agencies that are champions of the growth in their region or nation innovation ecosystem; to share their insights, knowledge, and challenges with their global peers.



Track facilitator

Dr. Martin Croteatu
Director, Academic Entrepreneurship
Ontario Centres of Excellence


Innovation agencies face unique challenges in how to support business incubation, start-up investment, and other mechanisms that foster the growth of their regional or national innovation ecosystems. WIS’18 includes a special track designed specifically for innovation agencies who seek to learn from each other, and to engage with the global business incubation community, leading to impactful collaborations. Innovation track attendees will participate in special workshops on ecosystem mapping, key innovation support programs, and activities, measuring outcomes and impact, and global innovation trends and opportunities.


Program Sessions

  • Session 1: Ecosystem Mapping – Local Conditions of Your Ecosystem
  • Session 2: Programs & Activities – From Infrastructure To Capital
  • Session 3: Outcomes & Impact – Meeting Policy Objectives
  • Session 4: Global Trends & Opportunities – Best Practice Sharing

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