Enabling Innovation Through Impactful Collaborations Worldwide

We assemble incubators and accelerators into an interactive, learning community supported by original research. We uncover business opportunities between them and the corporations and governments seeking ideas, solutions, and partners. We offer international events, insights, tools, consulting- and more to Activate Your Innovation.

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Our Approach, to connect corporations with the global business incubation ecosystem.

As facilitators of the business incubation and acceleration ecosystem, we connect corporations and governments with innovative thinkers and doers globally. Today, our vetted network consists of over 700 incubators and accelerators that are either linked to universities or are privately-, publicly-, or corporate- run. Our map covers over 70 countries and our knowledge is sourced from all corners of the world.

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Enabling innovation through impactful collaboration worldwide means we first gather innovation programs into an interactive learning community. Then, we connect them with each other and to corporations and government agencies looking for partnership and investment opportunities.
Ali AminCEO and Co-founder, UBI Global

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