UBI Global was founded in 2013 in Stockholm, Sweden to identify where all the innovation hubs are located worldwide and to learn and share what makes them successful. We launched the World Benchmark Study to find common traits and identify best practices. Our goal was to help business incubators and accelerators to improve their programs, become more attractive to start ups, and increase their overall efficiency and ultimately, their ability to attract investment.

Now, as facilitators and thought leaders of this dynamic interactive learning community, we have grown to connect corporations and governments with this global ecosystem of thinkers and doers. Today, our vetted network consists of over 700 incubation programs that are either linked to universities or are privately-, publicly-, or corporate- run. Our map covers over 70 countries and counting, and our knowledge is sourced from all corners of the world.

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Our Approach

To connect corporations with the global business incubation ecosystem.

We aim to matchmake 20,000+ vetted university-linked start-ups, through a network of 700+ business incubators and accelerators in over 70 countries, to fill corporations’ most important future needs!

Enabling innovation through impactful collaboration worldwide means we first assemble innovation programs into an interactive learning community, supported by original research and insights. Then, we look for business opportunities to connect them with corporations and government agencies looking to invest in incubation programs and their startups. Our efforts put the spotlight on innovation and translate into sustainable economic development and growth.
Ali AminCEO and Co-founder, UBI Global

Our Team


Ali Amin

UBI Global - CEO and Co-Founder

Corporate Partnership and Sponsorship Inquiries

Incubators globally share a common goal to enable successful ventures for their startups and to support job creation that impacts entire communities. Corporations seek effective ways to engage with the entrepreneurial community and startup scene, and government innovation agencies seek ways to analyze and promote local initiatives. With our theme of Activate Your Innovation, we help all actors in the innovation landscape find impactful collaborations.


Holger Meyer

UBI Global - Head of Research

World Benchmark Study Inquiries

UBI Global was founded to understand what makes a business incubator successful - and then to share that information broadly. We want to ensure programs can nurture entrepreneurship and economic development. It is my pleasure to lead the intelligence gathering and analysis so that we can turn our research into practical, actionable insights. The World Benchmark Study is now in its 5th year, and we look forward to announcing the results at the conference during the dinner gala.


Telma Lampreia

UBI Global - Head of International Projects

Event Participation and Activities

From my visits to Doha, I discovered the tech start up scene and the prominent incubators working diligently to nurture scores of talented entrepreneurs. I met leaders at each incubation stop on the ecosystem tour. I also spoke with local business leaders and incubation experts, as well as managers of the various venues and hotels. Participants in the summit are in for a treat—a true 360 degree innovation experience filled with learning, networking, inspiration, and insight!