How to download and use the three most popular features on the app that will make the most of your WIS’19 experience

As a WIS’19 attendee, speaker, or partner, you’re familiar with the website (we hope!), the newsletter, and possibly even the brochure. While these resources contain more than enough information, we believe the official event app will make the most of your experience at WIS’19. This article introduces Whova, the official app of the World Incubation Summit 2019 and gives an overview of the three most popular features, according to millions of attendees who have used the app for other events.

  • Agenda

    The WIS’19 event app will list sessions organized by day and time. If you are looking for a particular session, you can search by keyword or by user name. The App allows you to personalize your own schedule by adding sessions to My Agenda. The session details will be included on your personalized page including the overview, any handouts available for the session, a profile of the speaker or speakers, and more. Sessions saved to My Agenda can be used to create a reminder on your device when they are about to begin so you don’t miss them.

    During the sessions, you can click Like to leave a review of how much the session impacted you. You can also ask questions or leave comments and give the session a rating. The app also allows you to take notes right in the app, which are for your personal use during or after the WIS’19.

  • Networking

    One of the most impactful parts of attending WIS’19 is networking and making impactful collaborations. Explore who else is attending WIS’19 through the event app, where you can search by keywords, company name, title, and more. A list of attendees is available for you to see their professional profiles, send notes, or request their contact information.

    The app also recognizes your interests and places attendee profiles in the Recommended tab for you to explore. These recommendations may include other attendees from the same city, with the same affiliations, educational backgrounds, interests, and other factors. Recommendations are one of the reasons your profile is so important, so make sure you complete it to get the best recommendations.

    The Meeting Scheduler feature offers suggestions of a time and place to meet other attendees. You can also request meetings based on your own schedule and, when your request is accepted, it will show up in your Agenda, complete with reminders.

  • Community Board

    The community board function on the Whova app is where you can create topics and interact with others before you even land in Doha. This is a great place to plan gatherings, social activities, or group events. You can also use the community board to ask general questions, break the ice with other attendees, look for ride-share opportunities.

  • How to Download

    The Whova app for WIS’19 is totally free and available to download by following the steps below:

    • Open up the Apple Store or Google Play on your mobile device, and search for “Whova”.

    • Or, visit here in your mobile device’s web browser.

    Then simply tap to download and install the app.

  • How to Sign In

    • 1. Sign-in option

      • Enter the email address you used for event registration. (Please do not sign in through your social media accounts as only the email address that you used for your WIS19 registration can access the World Incubation Summit 2019 event on Whova).

    • 2. You will be asked to create a password
      The World Incubation Summit 2019 should come up automatically in your Whova account if you log in with the email address that you have used for your official WIS19 event registration. If you have misplaced that email address, do feel free to contact us for help.

    • 3. Create a profile
      Other attendees will see your profile and network with you, so make it look good. You can edit it later; click your profile picture (or a default headshot image) at the top-left corner of the tab “Home.”

That’s it – from here, access the event main page through the app and start creating your personal agenda, networking with other attendees, planning social activities, and much more. We look forward to seeing you in Doha for WIS’19 this November! Questions? Contact the WIS’19 event team at