Attending industry conferences such as the World Incubation Summit 2019 requires an investment of time and money, two very hot commodities for business incubators and accelerators these days. The WIS’19 is one of the most rewarding, valuable experiences you can attend, and we can show you how to define the value of joining your peers in Doha this November.

  • Learn From and Interact With Thought Leaders

    Because the World Incubation Summit is exclusive, available by invitation only, it is an incredibly targeted platform featuring the best, most impactful attendees and speakers. These thought leaders could be impossible to reach otherwise. Look at the speakers on board for the WIS’19 – either in the weekly newsletter or on the Speakers webpage, and you are bound to see someone who intrigues and inspires you.

    It isn’t just the speakers and influencers that will be in Doha with our community. The content that you will absorb will spark your own creativity and challenge you to think in new, innovative ways. Thanks to the agenda’s inclusion of moderated table discussions, the knowledge you gain from the expert speakers become even more impactful when deeply analyzed.

  • Network Building

    Let’s face it; at some events, networking can be awkward. The exclusive experience of the WIS’19, however, eases the process of creating impactful collaborations. Most of your fellow attendees have made the effort to get themselves to Doha to attend. Many will share your challenges and opportunities while being open to sharing their own ideas after attending the same sessions featuring expert speakers.

    By attending an exclusive event like the WIS’19, you can skip the awkward introductory small talk and get into deeper conversations. In the coming weeks, UBI Global will launch an app for attendees that will make it a breeze to set up meetings and networking during the conference. Right now, attendees are already using UBI Connect to make plans to get together in Doha!

  • Raise Your Profile

    The World Incubation Summit is one of only a few events that attending raises your professional profile. Leveraging this by turning the WIS’19 experience into content that you can share with your audience is easy. Here are a few ideas:

    • Capture photos at the event for Instagram

    • Live Tweet quotes from high-level speakers and tag them with an @

    • Write a blog or LinkedIn post about hot topics

    • Share the best practices gathered from peers

    This content will build your authority, communicate your expert level commitment to the industry, and demonstrate your program’s standing as a thought leader invested in innovation. The best part of capturing photos and content is that you can bring it back to your team and share it, which turns up the impact even more.

  • Final Four Tips

    To make sure you have an ROI attending the World Incubation Summit 2019 follow these tips:

    • Research in advance and determine which speakers you most want to hear or meet.

    • Connect with them on the WIS’19 App (when available) or UBI Connect.

    • Send a message or meeting request in advance of WIS’19.

    • Follow up after the WIS’19 is over.

    By following all these steps and, most importantly, continuing your experience after the WIS’19 is over, you are certain to have a return on investment and more. We can’t wait to see you in Doha!